Ultimate Guru Gandhar Pancham Flat Travel Sitar


The Travel Sitar has an advantage over the traditional Sitar. The Travel Sitar has a flat sound box or toomba. The benefits of the flat gourd or lack thereof, are that the Sitar is much easier to carry and occupies lesser space in storage. The Sitar is ideal for a travelling musician. One of the major complaints in the flat Sitar is that due to the flat nature of the sound box, it is difficult to maneuver while playing. This has been specially taken care of. During manufacturing, the design is specifically tested to ensure that the right arm rest is comfortable. The height of the Sitar has also been reduced which helps in the portability of the instrument. The Sitar is made from Red Cedar wood. Although different in design, this Sitar belongs to the Vilayat Khan School of music. Sitars can be made in many types and the craftsmanship for each one differs from the other. Sitars with impeccable tuning are a quality norm at Ultimate Guru. Special care is taken that there aren’t any cracks in the wood and no joints in the neck or in the sound box

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